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Nina Ameri Esq

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Nina Ameri

With 20 years of legal experience in the entertainment industry,
Nina Ameri has established herself as a well-known, and respected attorney, with deep connections and relationships within the entertainment industry. Over the years, Nina has utilized her skills to support clients in several entertainment industry-specific practice areas including, entertainment transactions, trademark and copyright law, business entity formation, and more. Nina provides personalized, hands-on representation when working with each of her clients. She takes the time to analyze the realistic outcome of each person's potential legal issues while simultaneously making recommendations that will provide the best outcome for them. She gives her clients strategic advice and helps them understand the foundational decisions they are making for their business and what consequences could occur. She isn't afraid to advise clients to walk away from deals that are not in alignment with their best interests. Her holistic and no-nonsense approach has been instrumental in securing great outcomes for her creative and entrepreneurial clients.
20+ year icon
20+ years of experience in the entertainment industry
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Entrepreneur-minded and driven by integrity
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Building career-long relationships, not just one contract
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Hands-on, holistic approach
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Strong industry relationships
University of California seal
University of California, Los Angeles
Bachelors Degree, Sociology
1997 - 2000
Pepperdine University seal
Pepperdine Law
Juris Doctorate
2000 - 2003

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