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We help the world’s most creative people successfully turn their ideas into thriving businesses.

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Talent Representation (Film and TV)

Ameri Law, PC represents a multitude of talent, ranging from writers, directors, and producers, to athletes and talent in reality television. We have worked with talent from the outset of their careers, guiding them through important deals and making introductions to grow their film and television credits.

Talent Representation (Social Media)

Ameri Law, PC represents social media influencers with a wide array of content and can provide guidance and support with agreements such as Branding Agreements, Work-For-Hire Agreements, Intellectual Property Licensing, Brand Endorsement Deals, Product Integration, and more. We are passionate about advocating for our clients and ensuring they get the best deal terms available.

Film and television development, production, and distribution agreements

Ameri Law, PC can support during any stage of film or television production, from development and production, all the way to distribution. We handle matters that include drafting and negotiating acquisition of intellectual property rights, drafting talent and crew agreements, and counseling clients on SAG, WGA, and DGA signatory applications.

Production legal for narrative and documentary films

Narrative films and documentaries have unique needs, and Ameri Law, PC can meet those needs. We have extensive experience in guiding filmmakers, whether new or seasoned, through the film production process to ensure their voices are heard and their stories are told.

New Media such as digital, mobile, social media and podcast content distribution and licensing

Ameri Law, PC has broad experience navigating the digital revolution and the legal issues related to it, including social media and intellectual property, mobile application development, and podcast content distribution. We have enthusiastically approached the new world of cryptocurrency, blockchain, and NFTs, and drafted multiple agreements to secure our clients’ rights within this space. We are committed to helping clients stay apprised of the everchanging landscape.

Copyright and trademark filing, registration, and maintenance

Intellectual property is the foundation for longevity in the entertainment industry, and Ameri Law, PC has vast experience counseling clients on how to protect and exploit their creative works. We routinely assist in obtaining, securing and managing trademarks, and filing copyright registrations.

Licensing of intellectual property

Ameri Law, PC knows the importance of protecting your creative work. We will ensure that you retain your intellectual property rights by drafting and negotiating license agreements and work-for-hire agreements that fit your needs, as well as sending cease and desist letters and DMCA takedown notices to enforce those rights.

Business formation (LLC, corporation, partnership, etc.)

Ameri Law, PC can assist a business entity from start to finish. We provide guidance on choosing the right entity structure and assist clients in properly forming their business, in any state within the U.S.. We have specialized experience in common business structures in entertainment, namely single-purpose LLCs for film production and loan-out corporations for talent.

Talent management agreements

Finding success as an artist can be challenging, but talent agents and managers can provide guidance. Ameri Law, PC will negotiate beneficial terms in a management contract to ensure that the talent’s rights are protected.

Joint venture agreements, shopping agreements and attachment/collaboration agreements.

Relationships are vital in the entertainment industry. Ameri Law, PC can help clients build those relationships with the security provided by joint venture agreements, shopping agreements, and/or attachment and collaboration agreements.

Music licensing and distribution

Ameri Law, PC supports music artists, music producers, songwriters and composers in the film and television industry. We assist in negotiating and drafting recording agreements, publishing agreements, soundtrack agreements, and brand partnerships, and provide strategic and business legal advice to further an artist’s music career.

Outside general counsel/Business and legal affairs

Ameri Law, PC has served as outside counsel for companies in the entertainment, beauty, sports, and health and wellness industry, providing effective legal advice on business issues and company strategies. We regularly draft and edit complex commercial agreements to ensure your company operates in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

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