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copyright mortgages

Copyright Mortgages

Leveraging Your IP to Secure Film Production Financing Copyright mortgages fall under the umbrella of debt financing, which involves borrowing money to finance the production of a film. Essentially, a copyright mortgage is a financial arrangement where the owner of a copyright uses the copyright itself as collateral to secure a loan. This means that the […]
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Uncovering Fair Use

Navigating Copyrighted Material as an Artist As a creative individual, you are constantly gathering inspiration from the world around you, including from other people—their books, films, pictures, or anything else. So how do you draw inspiration without infringing on the copyrighted material of others? A concept that is crucial to understand in answering this is […]
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"Pretty Woman" was ruled to be protected by fair use because it was a transformative parody.

The Power of Parody

Luther R. Campbell v. Acuff–Rose Music From copyright clashes to free speech battles, the realm of entertainment law is a captivating arena where law and creativity intersect. One pivotal case that has shaped this dynamic field is Luther R. Campbell v. Acuff–Rose Music, a case that underscores the significance of parody in the realm of […]
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Confidential Screenplay with copyright

Understanding Trademark and Copyright Laws In The Entertainment Industry

A Comprehensive Overview of IP Laws For Creators The entertainment industry is a multifaceted industry with a wide range of creative individuals all of whom require specific trademark and copyright protections for their work. Copyright and trademark are the two most important, and most valuable intellectual property rights for creatives in this industry. Trademarks protect […]
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