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Different types of film financing

Types of Financing in Films

Strategies and Considerations of Film Financing From An Entertainment Attorney Welcome to the Film Financing Series! While financing your film is a marvelous venture, it is essential to understand the risks and uncertainties that can arise in the process. From the initial stages of securing funding to the ultimate release and distribution of the film, […]
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movie clapper and gavel

A Guide to Production Legal

Behind the Scenes: Navigating the Complexities of Production Legal Production legal encompasses a comprehensive suite of legal matters that span the entire lifecycle of a project, starting from its conception through development, production, post-production, and ultimately, distribution and exhibition. This includes tasks such as creating a business entity; negotiating and drafting contracts with writers, directors, […]
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Maximizing Your Film's Earnings

A Guide to Film Bonuses for Producers, Actors, Writers, and Directors The best part about making a film is the creative expression and collaborative experience that happens along the way. The second-best part? Getting paid for it. Whether you are a producer, actor, writer, or director, there are three major categories of payment: Guaranteed Compensation, […]
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